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The National Achievers Congress has helped numerous attendees change their lives through an exceptional, life-based learning experience, and we are proud to announce the return of this life-changing event in South Africa!

Why not hear what past attendees had to say about their amazing experience:

There is no better time to join us this year as top financial wizards around the world are forecasting an upcoming global financial crisis that will affect ALL of us.

We may have survived the last crash, but this is NOT the time to be comfortable.

Equip yourself with the right skills in business, wealth creation, motivation, and success in just 2 short days, that will help you overcome and thrive during the impending financial crisis!

Take this opportunity to learn from the top experts in their fields, such as:

Investor, Entrepreneur & Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
Author of #1 personal finance book which challenged and changed the way you think about money.
Chief Market Strategist and International Trading Educator
The man who has accurately predicted 9 major financial collapses.
Tax Expert & Rich Dad Advisor
Author of Tax-Free Wealth: How to build massive wealth by permanently lowering your taxes.
World's #1 Wealth Coach“Everyone says that to be successful you have to take action. Action is not something you say, it’s something you do.”

Whether you’re a new attendee or have already experienced the immense value that the National Achievers Congress has to offer, do yourself a favour and prepare yourself for the financial crisis that is set to hit us hard.


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Creating a personalised, systemised wealth plan that allows you to enjoy more of your life.